Ojibwemodaa DVD

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Ojibwemodaa DVD

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Immersive. Watch videos of native speakers in every-day situations. Slow down the sound to hear every nuance of speech, and turn the Ojibwe text or the English translation on or off as you watch. Move at your own pace.

Interactive. Practice speaking using prompts, record your voice and improve your pronunciation by listening to a native speaker and comparing with your own voice. The audio spectrograph will compare your pronunciation with the native speaker and provide feedback for improvement.

In-depth. Quickly and easily access grammar information, learn how a word is used in context. Find out the part of speech, how a word is inflected, or read a grammar tutorial.

Fun. Crosswords, vocabulous, unscramble video, word or sentence dictation and graffiti games are included. Ojibwemodaa keeps track of your scores and tells you how you’re doing.

Personalized learning. Our Launch Before You Know It® tool will help you learn phrases with perfect recall, using a rapid three-step process to help you learn critical vocabulary. Spend your time wisely by identifying and focusing on the areas that give you more trouble.


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The individual version is available for individuals and schools. The institutional version is available for libraries, museums and government entities.

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